Acheron und Silenos vor Marktreife

OWR IANUS glänzt mit bester Bonität und herausragender Technik

Montag, 18 November 2019 08:43 geschrieben von
Brand-Erbisdorf - Der Name OWR steht weltweit für überzeugende hochtechnologische Lösungen Made in Germany. Die NATO, Feuerwehren und das Technische Hilfswerk vertrauen der Leistungsfähigkeit der OWR, die jetzt mit den Projekten SILENOS und ACHERON zwei…
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The aim is probably the development of an ABC anti-terrorist system

Michael Thomale from Austro Nexus Holding apparently seeks cooperation with OWR GmbH

Mittwoch, 24 Juli 2019 21:21 geschrieben von
London – For many years, Michael Thomale has worked as an imaginative expert in multi-level marketing (MLM). MLM or Network Marketing is a special form of direct selling that is not just about selling products,…
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Munich – In July 2013, the capital investment law came into force in Germany, which replaced the old investment law with numerous new product rules and regulations. Since then, 360 paragraphs have turned everything upside…
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Private equity company invests with the DFI European Value-Add Fund

Frank RoccoGrande and Gavin Neilan: Deutsche Finance International has raised capital for the first fund

Donnerstag, 11 Juli 2019 18:03 geschrieben von
London – London-based Deutsche Finance International (DFI) is looking for undervalued assets or companies with earnings potential. Through practical asset management, it aims to add value to a wide range of investor groups. DFI believes…
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Investment company has already funded over 91 projects

United Arab Emirates: First Investments FZE offers private equity, silent participations and venture capital

Donnerstag, 04 Juli 2019 02:11 geschrieben von
Ras Al Khaimah – Professor Ulrich Pape from the ESCP Europe Business School in Berlin defines the term „financial investment“ as „long-term oriented acquisition of financial assets“. Financial investments include equity securities (for example, shares)…
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High interest rates through digital real estate financing

Exporo AG: Simon Brunke and Björn Maronde are successful with real estate crowdinvesting

Mittwoch, 26 Juni 2019 16:49 geschrieben von
Hamburg – Crowdinvesting is becoming increasingly popular as a financing method for various projects. A representative survey of the information portal has shown that 67.4 percent of Germans surveyed have heard the term crowdfunding…
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Salary optimization as an important tool for employee motivation

Company pension: Canada Life cooperates with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Entgeltoptimierung (DGEO) by Josef Bader

Donnerstag, 20 Juni 2019 14:50 geschrieben von
Wemding – Canada Life was founded in 1847 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, making it the first life insurer in the Giant Country. Canada Life Assurance Europe plc has been operating in Germany since 2000. In…
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Project financing for start-ups from Dubai

Aras Group: Frank Kahn and Hassan Najjar offer financing alternatives to the classic bank loan

Donnerstag, 20 Juni 2019 14:43 geschrieben von
Dubai - The European start-up scene can not complain about their financial resources. This is the conclusion of the half-yearly published "Start-up Barometer Europe" of the consulting firm EY. According to the October 2018 survey,…
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If you want to invest green

Strasser Capital GmbH by Konstantin Strasser promotes climate-friendly business ideas

Dienstag, 18 Juni 2019 02:20 geschrieben von
Munich - When it comes to climate protection, the Germans are focusing primarily on solar energy and expect the Federal Government to continue funding new solar systems on roofs. With an agreement of 71 percent,…
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Dubai-based Aras Group DWC LLC specializes in venture capital investments

Frank Kahn from the Aras Group provides European start-ups with Arab risk capital

Dienstag, 04 Juni 2019 17:30 geschrieben von
Dubai – A start-up is a business start-up with an innovative business idea and great growth potential. Due to high risks, financing is usually not organized through traditional banks, but through special development banks or…
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The Dubaier Aras Group relies on a large network of refinancers

Aras Group and Frank Kahn provide european start-ups with millions of dollars in venture capital

Mittwoch, 01 Mai 2019 23:31 geschrieben von
Dubai – In Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Aras Group DWC LLC is at home. Two years ago, she described her business as follows: „Together with international partners, we offer our…
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