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The Dubaier Aras Group relies on a large network of refinancers

Aras Group and Frank Kahn provide european start-ups with millions of dollars in venture capital

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Dubai – In Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Aras Group DWC LLC is at home. Two years ago, she described her business as follows: „Together with international partners, we offer our customers worldwide excellent conditions and conditions with years of experience in the areas of investment, investments, real estate purchase, real estate sales, merchandise trade, management consultancy and logistics.“ To the internationally well-networked group of companies include Aras Investment and Participation Ltd., Aras Logistic and Distribution Ltd., Aras Trading and Services Ltd., Aras Consulting and Advisory Ltd. and Aras Properties Ltd.

Meanwhile, it seems to have specialized in commercial finance, investments and management consulting. The group describes its employees as „experts in corporate finance“ with a particular „access to lenders in various credit markets“. A high degree of flexibility, intercultural competence and networking make practical and sustainable solutions possible in all investment questions. The Aras network includes banks, mutual funds and even several government agencies. „We have received subsidies to finance various projects and promote start-ups. Over time, we've invested in many international projects that are now success stories“, says the website of Aras Group DWC LLC, which is very similar in terms of appearance and content to Aras website. This new company of the Aras group focuses exclusively on project financing and refers to strategic partnerships „with many of the most important financial institutions in different regions“.

The refinancing solutions offered by Aras agree with insurance companies, private investors, commercial banks, leasing companies and asset managers. The financing options include subordinated loans, silent participations and factoring. The subordinated loans of the Dubai project financiers also meet the high requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

The strategists of the Aras Group have correctly recognized that European companies often lack the risk capital, especially in the existence-critical early phase. Risk capital refers to over-the-counter equity, which an investment company provides companies with a riskier business idea. Such risk capital is usually offered in the form of equity or mezzanine capital. Mezzanine capital refers to types of financing that are a hybrid between equity and debt.

Just how damaging the lack of venture capital is for individual companies, but also entire economies, is demonstrated by last year's study „Fuel Venture Capital: How we fuel innovation and growth“ by Roland Berger, the Internet Economy Foundation and the Federal Association of German Equity Participants (BVK). The BVK board spokeswoman Regina Hodits said to the investment obstacles due to lack of venture capital: „There are several vicious circles that we have to break to stem a downward spiral of lack of capital and outward migration of start-ups to non-European countries. Decisive are solutions that aim to mobilize more capital from institutional investors for venture capital.“ For German start-ups, the financing gap in the decisive phase of market establishment is especially great. Many start-ups are undercapitalized and therefore lagging behind their competitors. The main problem is over-cautious banks that have to comply with government regulatory requirements. European banks usually only grant secured loans. However, these securities can not be offered especially to young, financially weak start-ups. So their loan requests often remain unfulfilled.

This is where the Aras Group sees its great market opportunity and helps the European start-up scene in a risk-taking and financially strong way. Behind the project developers are wealthy families from the Gulf States. The loan sums granted are in the two- to three-digit million range in most cases. Aras expert Ibrahim Saadi points out that the client concludes the financing agreement with the group of companies and not with the respective active refinancing company, emphasizing: „With its international partners, the Aras Group can offer customers attractive conditions and conditions. In doing so, the company can draw on extensive experience in the areas of investment, trade in goods, management consultancy, investments and real estate business. In the past, the Aras Group has already enabled various clients to tap into international business.“

A key role in the mediation of Arab risk capital plays the German Frank Kahn. The key account manager at Aras Group has already helped many European start-ups with capital needs and enjoys the reputation of a savvy funder between the Orient and the Occident. In addition to his commitment to companies with a low equity ratio, he also collects investor funds for real estate investments in the United Arab Emirates. These include the „Warsan Village“ and the „Pulse Project“, which are designed to make Dubai shine with modern apartment facilities at EXPO 2020.

The Aras Group affirms: „If you are interested in investment advice or a non-binding financing offer, you can contact us directly in Arabic and English via online request. The first meaningful information about your project will be answered 48 hours after you contact us.“

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