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Aras Group DWC LLC: Hassan Najjar helps European startups with venture capital from the Gulf region

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Dubai is the headquarters of the Aras Group Dubai is the headquarters of the Aras Group

Dubai – For tourists, Dubai is known for its state-of-the-art architecture, luxury shops and vibrant nightlife. For investors, the metropolis of the United Arab Emirates is popular because of its excellent investment conditions and inspires the imagination of project finance and real estate developers ahead of Expo 2020. With Dubai the world exhibition takes place for the first time in the Arab world. In the six months from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021, the hospitable country is expecting more than 25 million visitors.

Experts are watching a new real estate boom and massive capital inflows into the metropolis on the Persian Gulf. Looking at the real estate development, the news portal „Dubai News“ stated: „According to the Dubai Land Department, a total of 60,595 real estate transactions were registered in 2016. The appeal of a property in Dubai is also due to its strategic location. Another reason is the cosmopolitan environment and the completely tax-free revenue opportunities. Therefore, Dubai is a tempting choice for business people, real estate investors and travelers.“ In addition to the good return prospects, investing security also makes Dubai a significant location advantage. Real estate buyers also appreciate that. The „Dubai News“ wrote: „Thanks to the impartial regulatory system of the Dubai Land Department, buyers are very well protected. Developers must adhere to strict regulations and laws to protect buyer interests.“

The Dubai-based Aras Group DWC LLC has made a name for itself with real estate investments and other project financing. This internationally well-connected group of companies includes Aras Investment and Participation Ltd., Aras Logistic and Distribution Ltd., Aras Trading and Services Ltd., Aras Consulting and Advisory Ltd. and Aras Properties Ltd. So you are not only active in the real estate sector, but also in the areas of investment, investments, commodities trading, management consulting and logistics. The company's own profile is described as follows: „Our main business areas are commercial financing, investment and consulting. We are experts in corporate finance and help companies raise the necessary capital to enable future plans and growth for the company. We have access to different lenders in different credit markets so that we can find the most competitive solutions for your business. Not only will we strive to find the most competitive offers, but we can also advise you on the best product for your business.“

The Aras Group says it invests in a variety of projects with potential returns through a network of refinancing investors, banks and funds. According to media reports, the group has raised funds amounting to 816.5 million US dollars for nearly 100 projects in the United Arab Emirates until autumn 2018. Together with the investors, she works out individual investment plans that take into account the investor's equity ratio and explore the possibility of using state subsidies. The investments take the form of subordinated loans. In the case of insolvency, the lenders are thus served only after the debt capital of banks, but before the equity of the promoter.

Last year, the Aras Group promoted investor funds primarily for the „Pulse Project“ and the „Warsan Village“. In the south of Dubai, where Al Maktoum International Airport is located and where the Expo's activities will focus, a new urban experience space is being created under the name „Pulse“ in the immediate vicinity of a wide boulevard, retail, dining and leisure facilities with a new lifestyle concept combines. The project includes modern townhouses with several bedrooms, gardens and separate entrances. The apartment buildings are to offer couples and families exclusive housing options and let the residential district emerge as a model city. The „Warsan Village“ is located just off International City and near Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, the most famous highway in the United Arab Emirates. The visionary construction project offers the best conditions for a quiet and comfortable family life. There are 936 two-story townhouses, each with 187 square meters, including terraces. With numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and a large mosque modernity and tradition are ideally connected.

For the financing of these two construction projects, the corporate strategist Frank Kahn has his European-Arab business contacts. The German financial intermediary is officially key account manager of the Aras Group and has long since not only acquired investor funds for projects in Dubai. Above all, he is known for giving European start-ups the much-needed risk capital that they refuse to over-cautious banks. More and more young, innovative companies are covering their capital needs with the help of Arab financial service providers. Aras does not restrict itself to the allocation of venture capital to certain business locations or sectors. The financial framework is between ten and several hundred million euros. Venture Capital recipients enter into the financing agreement directly with the Aras Group, which promises attractive financing terms.

Despite being headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, contacting Aras Group DWC LLC is easier than expected, with English speaking in addition to Arabic. In addition, potential investors can write their online queries in their own language, as long as they are English, German, Italian, Turkish and Dutch. The inquiries are then immediately forwarded to an employee who knows these languages ​​in spoken and written. As a rule, the contact seeker receives feedback after 72 hours at the latest. Then it is clear whether a start-up can count on a capital injection from the Persian Gulf.

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