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Deutsche Finance Group: Investing in real estate and infrastructure with Thomas Oliver Müller to increase values

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Thomas Oliver Müller, Vorstandsvorsitzender Deutsche Finance Group Thomas Oliver Müller, Vorstandsvorsitzender Deutsche Finance Group

Munich – In July 2013, the capital investment law came into force in Germany, which replaced the old investment law with numerous new product rules and regulations. Since then, 360 paragraphs have turned everything upside down, which dominated the private capital investment market for decades. Not only investors and financial advisors, but even many lawyers have difficulties with the interpretation of the new law book. In order to give private investors more security in dealing with the provisions of the Capital Investment Code, investment expert Thomas Oliver Müller has come up with something special.

The CEO of the Munich-based Deutsche Finance Group was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​publishing a generally comprehensible reference work for one of the most complex regulations of the capital market. On September 2018, the „PRESS GUIDE“ was presented to the public. Müller, who was one of the key contributors to this book for journalists, took over the costs of production and shipping. He was honored by the German Financial Press Agency (DFPA) as „Man of the Year“.

Thomas Oliver Müller is head of a finance group that specializes in institutional private-market investments in the real estate, private equity real estate and infrastructure asset classes. Founded in 2005 as a bank-independent, owner-managed company, the financial holding with its subsidiaries pursues an „all-in-one“ strategy. This aims at integrating product conception, strategy consulting, asset management, risk management, market research, fund management, sales and asset management. The Deutsche Finance Group offers private investors the opportunity to invest in global real estate and infrastructure markets in the form of alternative investment funds together with institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds, insurance groups, pension funds, industrial companies and foundations. In December 2018, for the first time, the Investment Company succeeded in breaking the 2 billion euro asset management mark and 2018 was the best year since the private customer business. The company now has assets under management of 3.8 billion euros and more than 3,700 direct investments. The company has eleven international awards, nine institutional mandates and more than 30,000 retail clients.

These numbers bring Thomas Oliver Müller much recognition in the industry. The Chief Executive Officer of the Deutsche Finance Group is supported by a team of experienced financial market experts. As Chief Investment Officer, Sven Neubauer is responsible. The task as Chief Research Officer is taken over by John Davidson. Lars Midtgaard works as Chief Operating Officer, and Holger Fuchs is responsible for the external presentation as Head of Communications. Müller knows that the success of his company is a team effort, and at the same time emphasizes the value of the individual for achieving the Group's goals: „Companies need outstanding personalities with specialist, personal and social skills in order to create a successful firm culture. The Deutsche Finance Group is managed by people – the Management Board and the Management – who would certainly be successful with their own companies. We see ourselves as a successful corporate platform and not as a company in the classic sense.“

Not only because of his leadership qualities, but also because of his charisma and his visionary strength, Müller is a sought-after interview partner of the trade press. For example, in issue 01/2019 of the magazine „FONDS exklusive“, he talked about his value-adding strategies and selected investment projects. He explained how private investors, professional and institutional investors can invest in real estate and infrastructure in order to add value. For this year, he announced a new generation of investment strategies for private investors: „The focus is on extraordinary direct investments, which are designed together with institutional investors as club deals, co-investments and joint ventures.“

It was only recently that it was announced that Deutsche Finance International (DFI), based in London, was able to place its European Value Add Fund (DFI Fund), including co-investments, with 436 million euros. The DFI Fund is already present in six European markets with Value-Add direct investments. These include apartment buildings in Barcelona and Madrid, student residences in Denmark and Canterbury, an office building in the city center of Lisbon, a hotel in Dublin and the Olympia Exhibition Center in London. The direct investments in the DFI Fund are exclusively off-market transactions.The DFI is part of Deutsche Finance Group. Sven Neubauer, CIO of the German Finance Group, says: „The placement of the DFI Fund has successfully expanded our product strategies for institutional investors with a focus on European real estate markets. We are currently designing another fund for institutional investors with a focus on the US real estate markets.

„In February of this year, Thomas Oliver Müller also answered the questions of the trade journal „Finanzwelt“ and explained why he sees large growth opportunities for private investors in the future: „The Germans have assets of 6.2 trillion euros and are facing major challenges. We have a persistent zero interest rate policy and a rising inflation rate, which was already 1.9 percent in 2018. More than 40 percent of German assets consist of cash or are on savings accounts or money market accounts. That's almost 2.5 trillion euros – and the return here was practically zero in the end. Many private investors are dissatisfied with their standard products and the desire for returns is growing steadily.“ Therefore, there is an unprecedented amount of capital seeking investment opportunities and yield. Investment advisers would now need to be able to offer new financial products and provide good advice. „The aim of the Deutsche Finance Group is to make these innovative investment products available to our sales partners and, in addition, to provide them with specialist expertise“, said the CEO of Deutsche Finance Holding AG.

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