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In 2019, hundreds of millions should be invested in own construction projects

Dubai and Hassan Najjar: Aras Group supports European startup scene with venture capital

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Dubai and Hassan Najjar: Aras Group supports European startup scene with venture capital Quelle: Screenshot vom 11.12.2017 - https://www.aras-group.ae

Dubai – Dubai is not only the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, but also a magnet for investors from all over the world. The metropolis rightly counts as a vibrant trading and financial center between Asia, Africa and Europe. One of the major economic players in the desert state has been the Aras Group DWC LLC for many years. It promises its customers tailor-made services in the fields of merchandise trade, shareholdings, management consultancy, logistics, investments and real estate. The project financiers and investment providers say about themselves: „A high degree of flexibility, intercultural communication and networking enables simple solutions, even in complex cases.“ In order to meet this intercultural aspiration, the company has employees from many nations in its ranks.

The internationally well-networked group of companies consists of Aras Logistic and Distribution Ltd., Aras Trading and Services Ltd., Aras Consulting and Advisory Ltd., Aras Properties Ltd. and Aras Investment and Participation Ltd.

The Aras Logistic and Distribution Ltd. is active as a service provider in the transport and logistics sector and ensures the smooth flow of goods from the receipt of the goods through their storage to delivery. Through the trusting cooperation with globally active logistics companies, tailor-made transport solutions of all kinds are secured. As a specialist for Far Eastern trade relations and goods from the Asian region, the Aras Trading and Services Ltd. made a name. Its service for imports and exports includes steel products, construction machinery, electrical appliances and textiles. The development of new Arab markets is handled by local partners Aras Consulting and Advisory Ltd., which thus has a door opener function for foreign investors. Entering the markets of the Near and Middle East is best done through a professionally prepared real estate acquisition. Here, the Aras Properties Ltd. as a buyer, administrator and seller of private and commercial real estate.

The core business of the group is Aras Investment and Participation Ltd. responsible for investing with a network of refinancing investors, banks and fund providers around the world. With each of their clients, the Aras experts develop individual investment plans that combine planning security with high return targets. Before that, look at the investor's equity ratio and monthly resilience to make sure he does not financially take over. In all cases it is also examined under what conditions in which country which state subsidies can be claimed. The Aras Group usually works with subordinated loans. Such loans mean that in the event of the borrower's bankruptcy, investors will only get their money back after satisfying senior creditors.

Market observers believe that wealthy Arab families from the Gulf region are the financial backbone of the project developer. He has long since extended his feelers to Europe and focuses his attention on Germany. There he supplies innovative start-ups with the much-needed risk capital, which they deny banks. This is where Frank Kahn comes in as key account manager of the Dubai financial services company. The German is referred to by some with admiring undertone as „witch of Dubai“. Of course, the activity of the financial expert has nothing to do with witchcraft. Rather, he helps as a project sponsor emerging companies with a low equity ratio under the arms. According to media reports, Kahn is supported by the former German industrial manager Frieder Löhrer. As a supporter of the start-up scene in his native North Rhine-Westphalia Löhrer knows only too well that ordinary bank loans or even IPOs are not the only options to get needed investment capital. Rather, this requires OTC equity in the form of fully liable equity capital or mezzanine capital, which an investment company makes available to risk-averse undertakings.

Frequently asked questions about the terms of the loan and the loan amount of the Aras Group are meticulously answered by Ibrahim Saadi. He explains: „The value of the Aras Group's risk loans is usually in the range of tens to hundreds of millions, even though Aras is not a bank but an investor. Through a subordinated loan agreement, which in the meantime also meets the requirements of BaFin, the investments make the Aras Group a silent partner in the respective company. In this way, large-scale projects can be financed in a transparent and cost-effective manner, whereby there are no restrictions regarding the location and industry of the credit-seeking company.“

So it is no longer the case that only European money flows into the Arab world, but the capital flows also go in the other direction. More and more European companies are benefiting from donors from the Gulf States, who are much more risk-averse in lending than over-cautious banks.

At the same time, Frank Kahn is soliciting investor funds for high-yield real estate investments in the United Arab Emirates, which became known as the „Warsan Village“ and „Pulse Project“ in early 2018. The business model seems to work splendidly. The project financier has announced that it will massively invest in further construction projects in the United Arab Emirates this year. There is talk of investments in the hundreds of millions.

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