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Private equity company invests with the DFI European Value-Add Fund

Frank RoccoGrande and Gavin Neilan: Deutsche Finance International has raised capital for the first fund

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London – London-based Deutsche Finance International (DFI) is looking for undervalued assets or companies with earnings potential. Through practical asset management, it aims to add value to a wide range of investor groups. DFI believes that social change is also leading to changes in real estate and investment needs. The companie is an innovative investment advisor, fund developer, co-investment partner and real estate buyer, with a global institutional client base of pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions and family offices behind her. DFI is acting in close coordination with Munich-based Deutsche Finance Group, an investment management firm specializing in real estate and infrastructure investment.

The own profile in the real estate division describes the Deutsche Finance International so: „We invest in all of the main types of real estate, although our particular specialty is in ‚alternative‘ and operationally intensive sectors, where our expertise allows us to optimise investments’ operational performance to improve returns. Examples include student accommodation, private rented residential, hospitality, retirement/assisted living, mixed-use and leisure. We principally target European cities with deep markets and favourable growth prospects. While DFI typically focuses on small and middle-market transaction of € 5 million to € 50 million in equity value, we will invest in materially larger deals when we have a strong conviction that they present value and opportunity. Our thematic investment strategies are designed for assembling portfolios or platforms of scale. We invest in direct asset, corporate and credit situations.“

The private equity firm recently caused a stir with the news that it raised € 436 million in equity for its first fund, the DFI European Value-Add Fund. The participating institutional investors are from the USA, Germany and the rest of Europe. After completing the capital raising for the debut fund, DFI is able to put together a portfolio of European real estate valued at € 856 million.Apartments have already been bought in Spain and student residences in Denmark and Great Britain. Above all, the traditional Olympia Exhibition Center in London was acquired. The construction of the great exhibition hall began in 1885, and she was opened in December 1886. In 2017 DFI acquired the large property and in 2019 received the permit for the extensive development of the area. Now, large new areas are to be built there and existing real estate renovated and expanded. The attractiveness of the famous exhibition center is to be increased by hotels, concert areas, a theater as well as catering, retail and office space.

The London fund experts, however, do not want to be content with the investment volume of the DFI European Value-add Fund and have now announced that they will conclude two more deals in the coming months as a result of the increase in equity. Founding partners and co-owners of the DFI are Frank RoccoGrande and Gavin Neilan. RoccoGrande holds a Master of Public Health from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from George Washington University. Neilan holds a Bachelor of Law degree from University College London and a postgraduate diploma from Nottingham Law School.

Her firm is part of Deutsche Finance Group. Headquartered in Munich with offices in London, Zurich, Luxembourg and Denver, this financial services group operates in the areas of strategy consulting, asset management, fund management, investment advisory and investor administration. One focus is on institutional private market investments in the real estate, private equity real estate and infrastructure asset classes. With innovative financial strategies and highly professional asset management consulting, Deutsche Finance Group aims to provide private and institutional investors with access to exclusive international investment markets. The Deutsche Finance manages a profitable portfolio of real estate and infrastructure investments.The members of the management are considered experienced capital market professionals. CEO is Thomas Oliver Müller. As Chief Investment Officer, Sven Neubauer is responsible. The task as Chief Research Officer is taken over by John Davidson. Lars Midtgaard works as Chief Operating Officer, and Holger Fuchs is responsible for the external presentation as Head of Communications.

The Deutsche Finance Holding AG was founded in 2005 as a bank-independent and owner-managed company that, through its subsidiaries, has access to a large network of institutional investors and private product providers. Her global real estate and infrastructure investments focus not only on yield, but also on minimizing risk through diversification. In order to bring safety requirements and profitability targets into optimal balance, a wide variety of countries, economic sectors, investment philosophies and investment products are taken into account. With its successful investment strategies, the Munich-based finance house focuses on the question: „Where will capital be needed in the future?“ Employees of the Deutsche Finance Group are therefore also concerned with megatrends such as globalization, population growth and urbanization in order to identify investment potential at an early stage.

In the German real estate market, CEO Thomas Oliver Müller sees no great potential returns and says: „The way to generate return on core real estate in Germany's home market, for many investors is very difficult. The market in this country is simply empty. In the meantime, all you have to do is buy the substance, but you no longer have a return on investment.“ For the parent company, the successful real estate investments of London-based Deutsche Finance International are all the more important.

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