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The aim is probably the development of an ABC anti-terrorist system

Michael Thomale from Austro Nexus Holding apparently seeks cooperation with OWR GmbH

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Michael Thomale from Austro Nexus Holding apparently seeks cooperation with OWR GmbH Quelle: Facebook/OWR GmbH

London – For many years, Michael Thomale has worked as an imaginative expert in multi-level marketing (MLM). MLM or Network Marketing is a special form of direct selling that is not just about selling products, but also about recruiting new distributors. The recruiter gets a commission. His profound knowledge in multi-level marketing is what Thomale uses to popularize cryptocurrencies.

As one of the leading minds of Nexus Global he is involved in the transfer of knowledge for the profitable use of digital money and relies on the instruments of multi-level marketing. The London-based company distributes an innovative product mix of online education, online gambling, live betting, forex trading, binary options, cryptotrading, bitcoin mining, exchange, Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). In order to provide sales and business partners with the essential knowledge of digital money and blockchain technology, the Nexus Global Academy was founded. The information packages offered with names such as „Bronze Mining“, „Gold Forex“, „Platinum Crypto“ and „Diamond ICO“ enable the transfer of knowledge with learning-supporting videos and targeted knowledge queries. For just $ 25, a first Nexus package can be purchased to gain access to the Academy and Multiwallet.

When Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies suffered a massive decline last year and investor confidence in digital money plummeted, Michael Thomale and his business partner Christian Michel Scheibener did not bother at all. Both were encouraged by the temporary Bitcoin crisis rather to go new ways in the crypto and blockchain sector. So Thomale announced that the Nexus Global Ltd. & Nexus Global Mining Ltd. will offer a certified study course on blockchain technology. That would be the first such study opportunity in German-speaking countries. Workshops and courses on cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain are already being offered at renowned US universities. Michael Thomale knows very well that many companies are currently testing the application possibilities of Blockchain because it guarantees transparency and manipulation security for transactions. According to a study by the German IT association Bitkom, 15 percent of the surveyed companies assume that the blockchain will have a similarly large impact on the economy as the Internet did in the past.

This year, Michael Thomale and his partner Christian Michel Scheibener causes a stir in the industrial sector. He is not unfaithful to blockchain-based business models and forms of financing such as ICO, but transfers them to new markets. Specifically, it is about raising capital for high-tech projects such as the „Red Eagle“ aircraft of R.S.RED EAGLE AG under CEO Dr. Ing. Reiner Stemme and CFO Wolfgang Stemme. Its goal is to become a fixture in the European airborne remote sensing and surveillance business. Reiner Stemme sees himself as a developer of state-of-the-art remote sensing aircraft technology and points to features such as range, endurance, low fuel consumption and low noise. „The Red Eagle approach is the synthesis of manned and unmanned flight features in a flight control system“, said the aircraft designer, who became famous for his RS-UAS Q01 single-engine surveillance aircraft.

Half a year ago, media reported that Reiner and Wolfgang Stemme are planning a new aircraft for patrol flights under the name „Red Eagle“. The partner in this ambitious project is Salzburg-based Austro Nexus Holding, whose main business area is industrial holdings. The industrial holding is managed by Denis A. Deppe and the shareholders Michael Thomale and Christian Michel Scheibener. The financing of the „Red Eagle“ plans is handled by the crypto expert Thomale. With the help of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), he is to raise the necessary investment funds for the aircraft manufacturer. Although the procurement of capital is not yet completed, he has apparently already discovered a new industrial commitment for himself.

Some online media report that Thomale and its Nexus Global partner Christian Michel Scheibener are working on a joint venture with OWR GmbH based in Elztal-Rittersbach. The company succeeding the Odenwaldwerke Rittersbach is a German manufacturer of equipment and systems for ABC protection. This includes protection against nuclear, biological and chemical hazards, including ABC weapons and dangerous goods accidents. OWR's range of products includes detection equipment, ABC protection systems, decontamination systems, customized ABC protection and consulting services. Over the years, Odenwaldwerke Rittersbach, founded in 1947, received orders from state agencies at home and abroad. So began the production of special vehicles for the Technical Relief and the Federal Border Police. Soon followed orders for the equipment of the newly founded Bundeswehr. Over time, they specialized in vehicle manufacturing and equipment manufacturing for ABC defense and civil protection. In 2003, the company was insolvent with 130 employees and taken over by the OWR AG, which was founded by a group of investors. Today's OWR GmbH supplies worldwide military and civil defense organizations with the latest ABC protection technology.

According to rumors Gert René Polli, who was 2002-2008 head of the Austrian Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism, the contact between the OWR GmbH and the Austro Nexus Holding of Thomale and Scheibener have made. Together, they apparently want to develop a revolutionary ABC protection sensor that can also be used to combat terrorism in large cities. The ABC system with its software should be able to detect a poison gas or biological weapon attack at an early stage.

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