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German aircraft manufacturer is pleased about successful joint venture

Reiner Stemme wants to realize „Red Eagle“ through cooperation with Austro Nexus Holding

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Wildau/Salzburg – Of the internationally operating aircraft designers, only a few achieve a degree of awareness that extends beyond the small circle of professional colleagues. To this rare species belongs without question Reiner Stemme. The aircraft manufacturer graduated from the Berlin evening grammar school in 1963 and studied physics at the Technische Universität Berlin until 1969. He then set up a laser company in Switzerland and completed his doctorate at the University of Bern. Until 1985 he was Managing Director of the VDI Technology Center, founded Stemme AG in 1984 and Reiner Stemme Utility Air-Systems GmbH in 2013. He was involved in the development and construction of work, research and observation aircraft. The alumni program of the TU Berlin quotes him with his entrepreneurial motto: „Take the heart in your hands and jump.“

About the aircraft developed by him type RS-UAS Q01 it says in the online encyclopedia „Wikipedia“: „The RS-UAS Q01 is a single-engine remote sensing and surveillance aircraft of the German manufacturer Reiner Stemme Utility Air Systems GmbH, from 2014 was developed as a MALE / OPV platform according to the approval guideline CS-23.“ The research aircraft was developed and built in 2014 in the Wildau center for aerospace by Reiner Stemme Utility Air Systems GmbH (RS-UAS), which was founded a year earlier. The prototype was launched in November 2015 from the Magdeburg-Cochstedt airfield for the first flight. The flight test took place in April 2016 at the airfield in the Trebbiner district Schönhagen in Brandenburg. „The plane has already completed fourteen flights. Everything is running smoothly. We expect the certification from the European Aviation Authority in one year“, the local press quoted flight testing director Tim-Peter Voss. In Schönhagen, the aircraft was then presented to the public in spring 2016 and presented at the beginning of June of the same year at the Berlin International Aerospace Exhibition. The machine can carry around 1,000 kilograms of payload, stay in the air for up to 50 hours and operate without a pilot.

Because the flyer from Wildau can be used in civilian as well as in military applications thanks to a wide variety of optical and radar systems, it also quickly attracted the interest of foreign buyers and investors. The company boss recalls: „Our prototype Q01 platform was developed in just 18 months of development time in cooperation with Germany and Qatar. We know how to build such an aircraft, our customers in Qatar have submitted their air reconnaissance requirements.“

The first client of the Q01 was the desert state of Qatar in the form of General Khalid al Kuwari, who called a list price per piece without sensor systems of five million euros. The general praised: „The range of possible applications is large. It ranges from maritime surveillance to water protection and control of our water pipelines as well as oil and gas platforms to border surveillance.“ Reiner Stemme emphasized „the pleasant cooperation despite the different ways of thinking“ with regard to the Arabian customer. In cooperation with the Air Force Qatar, the aircraft designer and his nephew Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Stemme new aircraft designs with outstanding features. But the export prohibitions of the federal government destroyed their big business.

Various media now report that the Stemmes have found a way to bypass the economic blockade policy of Berlin. Accordingly, they want to bring together with the Austrian industrial holding Austro Nexus under the name „Red Eagle“ a new family of drones and aircraft on the market. The goal is the development of a completely new type of aircraft, which could perform particularly quiet and inconspicuous patrol flights. The Austrian Armed Forces is already keenly interested in the project „Red Eagle“. So far, the partnership between Salzburger Austro Nexus Holding and Stemmes still focuses on raising capital. But soon it is about the concrete development work and the production, which should take place in Brandenburg.

The news portal „Hessen Depesche“ knows to report: „The Austro Nexus, to which also the Nexus Global around Christian Michel Scheibener and Michael Thomale is to be counted, is to make alternatively for Qatar the Stemme Flugzeugwerke financially self-sufficient. But in sight, fantasies might also creep in, to equip Stemme aircraft and drones with the label ‚Made in Austria‘. Smooth could Stemme in European partnerships, especially with France and Britain participate and Berlin sensitivities bypass. Stemmes aircraft types are far less military equipment and serve more educational purposes. However, a rifle can also be retrofitted to every truck, which turns a commercial vehicle into a military device.“

Denis Deppe, spokesman for Austro Nexus Holding, confirms the ambitious joint venture plans for the construction of novel drones and patrol aircraft. Reiner Stemme will soon be able to do what his heart beats for again: to stir up international aviation business with new types of aircraft.

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