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Strasser Capital GmbH by Konstantin Strasser promotes climate-friendly business ideas

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Strasser Capital GmbH by Konstantin Strasser promotes climate-friendly business ideas Quelle: Strasser Capital GmbH

Munich - When it comes to climate protection, the Germans are focusing primarily on solar energy and expect the Federal Government to continue funding new solar systems on roofs. With an agreement of 71 percent, solar power is the most popular climate protection instrument in a whole range of possible climate protection measures. This was the result of a representative survey by the opinion research institute Yougov, which was published in April of this year. One in two respondents is also in favor of the further expansion of wind energy and the stronger promotion of electric cars. This shows demoscopically that a large majority of the German population views solar energy as an effective and necessary instrument of climate protection. In order to achieve the political climate goals, photovoltaic systems with their excellent price-performance ratio and their high sympathy and utility values ​​can not be dispensed with. In the opinion of energy experts, the production of solar energy in Germany must at least be tripled in the next ten years in order to reach the climate goals together with other renewable energies. Market barriers for solar roofs and solar parks must be reduced and the financial resources of eco-companies significantly improved, so their tenor.

A financing instrument for the climate-friendly restructuring of the state are so-called green bonds, as also issued by Strasser Capital GmbH of Munich. It is not only since mass media debate about climate change that the green bond market is on the upswing. The target group are investors who attach great importance to ethical-ecological principles. As with ordinary corporate bonds, the issuers of these securities borrow capital and pay a fixed interest rate for the term. With Green Bonds, the money flows into sustainable and climate-friendly projects, such as the promotion of photovoltaics, wind turbines or the construction of energy-efficient buildings. Issuers of green bonds are now available in all areas.

One of Germany's leading equity investment companies for fast-growing green companies is Strasser Capital GmbH. The portfolio of the Bavarian financial services provider includes several companies from the renewable energy sector and the value added chain of this industry, from construction, operation and maintenance to the purchase, rental and sale of photovoltaic roof systems and ground-mounted systems. The portfolio is rounded off by equity investments in the Retail & Consumer, Real Estate and Gastronomy segments.

The company, managed by Konstantin Strasser, describes its own business area as follows: „In addition to conducting private equity investments in existing companies and setting up its own companies, Strasser Capital structures a large number of modern financing solutions for its investments. These include, among other things, equity investments via external investors or investments, the structuring of mezzanine capital via investments or institutional investors. It also includes debt financing via bank loans or the issuance and placement of asset-backed securities or bonds on the international capital markets to institutional investors.“

Strasser Capital aims to support promising eco-companies with tailor-made financing solutions and a holistic consulting approach. High-priced products are to be made accessible to a broad customer base through innovative financing models. The investment company states: „We are now successively transferring this tried-and-tested formula for making high initial investments affordable for a clientele spanning clientele to different areas of life, such as energy generation and storage, e-mobility, household appliances, consumer electronics, real estate concepts and luxury fashion.“

The partner firms are Bridgehouse Law, Clifford Chance, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Gomez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados S.L. P., Heisse Kursawe Eversheds, King & Spalding, Rödl & Partner and SCUTUM Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH. The list of partner banks is also impressive. These include Banco Popular, DKB, DZ Bank, HVB Unicredit, KfW Bank, LBBW, Nord LB, Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien AG and Südtiroler Sparkasse AG. Supported by this competence network, Strasser Capital has also founded its own companies and developed them into successful market players. A prime example is the MEP Werke GmbH as a leading supplier of rental solar systems for homeowners. My Energy Partner (MEP) has already turned far more than ten thousand customers into solar power producers with its own model for renting and selling rooftop solar energy systems and energy storage systems.

The rental concept of its subsidiary has earned Strasser Capital GmbH numerous prizes and awards. In 2017, for example, they were among the winners of the Finance for the Future awards in the „Start-up and growing enterprises“ category. The reasoning stated: „Strasser Capital is a German private equity firm specialising in the renewable energy sector. Its long-term vision was to make the green economy open to a much wider market and, in particular, to extend the benefits to all German households. It aimed to transform the solar business from a high-end, capital-intensive investment into a low-cost and popular domestic product accessible and affordable in an uncomplicated way to private households.“

In 2017, the company won the „Wealth & Finance Business Award“ in the „Best Equity Investment Company – Germany“ division and received an award at the „Green Bond Awards 2017“ for the first Climate Bond-certified green loan. Also in 2019, the private equity company has already won several awards. The Climate Bond Certification is comparable to Fair Trade seals and recognizes financial products that are proven to meet climate-friendly and other environmental goals. The „Climate Bond Certification“ is also associated with a gain in transparency because the Green Bond issuers disclose in which projects the bond proceeds flow. Anyone who wants to invest green has many options thanks to Strasser Capital GmbH.

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