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Investment company has already funded over 91 projects

United Arab Emirates: First Investments FZE offers private equity, silent participations and venture capital

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Ras Al Khaimah – Professor Ulrich Pape from the ESCP Europe Business School in Berlin defines the term „financial investment“ as „long-term oriented acquisition of financial assets“. Financial investments include equity securities (for example, shares) and creditor rights (for example, bonds or loans), according to Pape. Unlike a strategic company participation (Mergers & Acquisitions) financial motives are in the foreground here.While many financial service providers specialize and offer their clients only certain investment offerings, there are also „generalists“ with an almost all-encompassing portfolio. These include consulting, finance, investment, mergers, acquisitions, fund management and asset management services.

One of these companies is First Investments FZE with locations in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the more than 13,000 companies that bundle their skills in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) and expand worldwide from this infrastructural hub. The Arab finance company is active in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America and has been able to realize many projects in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy. For this project financing, it relies on a global network of investors, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, banks, insurers, university foundations and corporate clients focused on technology, education, energy, real estate and manufacturing.

Arab investors are now well known for entering into strategic investment alliances beyond purely financial investments. Through trading venues such as Dubai, they are forging networks in the Arab, African and Asian regions, thus opening up completely new market access for their customers. German SMEs have long benefited from this. The markets continue to grow together and financial services providers in the Middle East have become the focal point for capital flows. Arab investment companies often have special expertise in risk capital, private capital and silent participations. This also applies to First Investments FZE. Earlier this year, it was announced that the budding investment house has already funded 91 projects worth $ 4.1 billion and has access to a pool of more than 1,500 refinancers. According to company information, there are currently 217 active customers and 153 investments worldwide.

The own performance profile is described in this way: „We specialize in providing investment solutions to business enterprises and institutional clients. The services provided by us include, financial planning, business funding, investment and project management. Our main aim is to equip financial support to extraordinary companies through our expertise in private equity, silent partnership and venture capital. We serve our clients with a powerful combination of global perspective and local experience which empower our clients to achieve more. Our highly skilled team is enriched with international business experience as well as in-depth understanding of investment management.“

In order to hold its own in the long term against the competition and keep it in the market, debt capital and commercial financing solutions are indispensable for many companies. Maintaining an overview and selecting tailor-made financial instruments is difficult even for experienced managing directors and owners. This is where the experts of First Investments FZE come into play. They determine the specific investment needs and supervise the loan process from start to finish. They are specializes in project management, financial planning, investment management and corporate finance.

Market expert Salim Murad explains: „Whenever a company faces a difficult financial situation or an important decision such as taking out loans, First Investments provides objective advice based on years of experience and a global perspective. This powerful combination brings many benefits to customers.“ According to Murad, this includes the use of interest rebates, a large selection of refinancing programs and a reduction in the existing interest rate. Further advantages are the refinancing of an expiring loan, the withdrawal of cash and the increase of investments. In contrast to the restrictive lending guidelines of domestic financial institutions, this provides easy financing options, especially for German companies.

Over the years, First Investments has also made a name for itself in real estate investments and offers real estate financing for commercial and residential projects. On this topic the company explains: „You can rely on our expertise across a range of property transactions for a borrowing facility that is structured according to your specific financing requirements. If you are a private individual or you represent a Corporation or a Trust you will be able to apply for property financing with First Investments. We provide property financing for commercial and residential projects. Residential projects come with thier own challanges which can only be understood with years of experience which our team endure.“ Because the financing of commercial real estate is rarely the core competence of classic banks, investors here are looking for new solutions. They are demanding various financing programs to acquire and refurbish commercial real estate, lower interest rates or refinance a maturing loan. Here, too, the investment company from the United Arab Emirates wants to become even more successful.

It is also promising to offer energy companies its consulting and financing services. For example, the professionals from First Investments help companies in the oil and gas industry to open up to renewable energy, thus promoting wind and solar energy.

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