Mittwoch, 26 Juni 2019 16:49

Exporo AG: Simon Brunke and Björn Maronde are successful with real estate crowdinvesting

Hamburg – Crowdinvesting is becoming increasingly popular as a financing method for various projects. A representative survey of the information portal has shown that 67.4 percent of Germans surveyed have heard the term crowdfunding before and 36.7 percent know what it is all about. 17.7 percent said that they had already used themselves in this way for a project. In crowdfunding, a large number of private investors are working together with smaller sums of money to achieve a common social, cultural or entrepreneurial goal. Crowdfunding is playing an increasingly important role in real estate financing. Real estate accounts for more than 80 percent of the crowd investing market and is thus clearly ahead of the start-ups, which often also finance themselves through a crowd. Crowd real estate is so attractive because it promises investors a high return on investment and makes it easy to spread risk. In general, those who invest in real estate, ensure a regular income through rental income and a long-term increase in value of the objects. He is also protected from the effects of inflation.

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Donnerstag, 20 Juni 2019 14:50

Company pension: Canada Life cooperates with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Entgeltoptimierung (DGEO) by Josef Bader

Wemding – Canada Life was founded in 1847 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, making it the first life insurer in the Giant Country. Canada Life Assurance Europe plc has been operating in Germany since 2000. In new business, the company is one of the leading brokers for unit-linked products. The top insurer points out its great international experience and the know-how of the entire group of companies in order to be able to offer reliable insurance services in Germany. This makes „a strong partner in old-age provision and in risk protection“, says Canada Life. A focal point of the consulting activities of the German subsidiary in Cologne is the occupational pension scheme – in German „betriebliche Altersversorgung“ (bAV). Employers pay the pension contributions directly from the employee's gross salary. The taxes and social contributions thus saved flow directly into the pension plan of the employees. They thus acquire the right to an additional pension with little personal effort, which is invaluable in times of impending old-age poverty. With the help of company pensions, companies can distinguish themselves as attractive employers and gain important advantages in the search for employees and employee loyalty. In order to meet the different demands of employees, individual solutions are required.

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Donnerstag, 20 Juni 2019 14:43

Aras Group: Frank Kahn and Hassan Najjar offer financing alternatives to the classic bank loan

Dubai - The European start-up scene can not complain about their financial resources. This is the conclusion of the half-yearly published "Start-up Barometer Europe" of the consulting firm EY. According to the October 2018 survey, the number of financings increased in the first half of 2018 compared to same period last year across Europe by 19 percent to almost 2,000 deals. The total value of these financings grew even more: In the first six months of the year, deals totaling 10.2 billion euros were made in 2018 – 27 percent more than in the same period of the previous year. In view of the number and value of the financing rounds, we can speak of a veritable investment boom in the European start-up scene.

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Dienstag, 18 Juni 2019 02:20

Strasser Capital GmbH by Konstantin Strasser promotes climate-friendly business ideas

Munich - When it comes to climate protection, the Germans are focusing primarily on solar energy and expect the Federal Government to continue funding new solar systems on roofs. With an agreement of 71 percent, solar power is the most popular climate protection instrument in a whole range of possible climate protection measures. This was the result of a representative survey by the opinion research institute Yougov, which was published in April of this year. One in two respondents is also in favor of the further expansion of wind energy and the stronger promotion of electric cars. This shows demoscopically that a large majority of the German population views solar energy as an effective and necessary instrument of climate protection. In order to achieve the political climate goals, photovoltaic systems with their excellent price-performance ratio and their high sympathy and utility values ​​can not be dispensed with. In the opinion of energy experts, the production of solar energy in Germany must at least be tripled in the next ten years in order to reach the climate goals together with other renewable energies. Market barriers for solar roofs and solar parks must be reduced and the financial resources of eco-companies significantly improved, so their tenor.

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Dienstag, 04 Juni 2019 17:30

Frank Kahn from the Aras Group provides European start-ups with Arab risk capital

Dubai – A start-up is a business start-up with an innovative business idea and great growth potential. Due to high risks, financing is usually not organized through traditional banks, but through special development banks or forms of financing such as venture capital and crowdfunding. Most start-ups are active in the technology and Internet sector and are changing their entire business with their innovative strength and rapid growth. Industries with a high percentage of start-ups include Industry 4.0, the mobility sector, Internet commerce, electronics, financial technology, application software, biotechnology, new manufacturing processes and aerospace engineering.

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