Dienstag, 18 Juni 2019 02:20

Strasser Capital GmbH by Konstantin Strasser promotes climate-friendly business ideas

Munich - When it comes to climate protection, the Germans are focusing primarily on solar energy and expect the Federal Government to continue funding new solar systems on roofs. With an agreement of 71 percent, solar power is the most popular climate protection instrument in a whole range of possible climate protection measures. This was the result of a representative survey by the opinion research institute Yougov, which was published in April of this year. One in two respondents is also in favor of the further expansion of wind energy and the stronger promotion of electric cars. This shows demoscopically that a large majority of the German population views solar energy as an effective and necessary instrument of climate protection. In order to achieve the political climate goals, photovoltaic systems with their excellent price-performance ratio and their high sympathy and utility values ​​can not be dispensed with. In the opinion of energy experts, the production of solar energy in Germany must at least be tripled in the next ten years in order to reach the climate goals together with other renewable energies. Market barriers for solar roofs and solar parks must be reduced and the financial resources of eco-companies significantly improved, so their tenor.

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