Munich – In July 2013, the capital investment law came into force in Germany, which replaced the old investment law with numerous new product rules and regulations. Since then, 360 paragraphs have turned everything upside down, which dominated the private capital investment market for decades. Not only investors and financial advisors, but even many lawyers have difficulties with the interpretation of the new law book. In order to give private investors more security in dealing with the provisions of the Capital Investment Code, investment expert Thomas Oliver Müller has come up with something special.

London – London-based Deutsche Finance International (DFI) is looking for undervalued assets or companies with earnings potential. Through practical asset management, it aims to add value to a wide range of investor groups. DFI believes that social change is also leading to changes in real estate and investment needs. The companie is an innovative investment advisor, fund developer, co-investment partner and real estate buyer, with a global institutional client base of pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions and family offices behind her. DFI is acting in close coordination with Munich-based Deutsche Finance Group, an investment management firm specializing in real estate and infrastructure investment.

München - Die DF Deutsche Finance Group gehörte zu den ersten Finanzdienstleistern in Deutschland, die von der Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistung (BaFin) die Lizenz zur Verwaltung Alternativer Investmentfonds (AIF) nach dem 2013 im Deutschen Bundestag beschlossenen Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch (KAGB) erhalten hatten. Thomas Oliver Müller, Vorstandsvorsitzender der DF Deutsche Finance Group, genaugenommen der DF Deutsche Finance Holding AG, sieht diese Regulierungen durchaus positiv. Für das Jahr 2016 hat sich der Konzern nicht zuletzt eine Schärfung des Profils vorgenommen. Neben Thomas Oliver Müller gehören auch die Kaufleute Alfred J. Kremer und Dr. Sven Neubauer dem Vorstand an.