Hamburg – Crowdinvesting is becoming increasingly popular as a financing method for various projects. A representative survey of the information portal has shown that 67.4 percent of Germans surveyed have heard the term crowdfunding before and 36.7 percent know what it is all about. 17.7 percent said that they had already used themselves in this way for a project. In crowdfunding, a large number of private investors are working together with smaller sums of money to achieve a common social, cultural or entrepreneurial goal. Crowdfunding is playing an increasingly important role in real estate financing. Real estate accounts for more than 80 percent of the crowd investing market and is thus clearly ahead of the start-ups, which often also finance themselves through a crowd. Crowd real estate is so attractive because it promises investors a high return on investment and makes it easy to spread risk. In general, those who invest in real estate, ensure a regular income through rental income and a long-term increase in value of the objects. He is also protected from the effects of inflation.