Munich – In July 2013, the capital investment law came into force in Germany, which replaced the old investment law with numerous new product rules and regulations. Since then, 360 paragraphs have turned everything upside down, which dominated the private capital investment market for decades. Not only investors and financial advisors, but even many lawyers have difficulties with the interpretation of the new law book. In order to give private investors more security in dealing with the provisions of the Capital Investment Code, investment expert Thomas Oliver Müller has come up with something special.

Wildau/Salzburg – Of the internationally operating aircraft designers, only a few achieve a degree of awareness that extends beyond the small circle of professional colleagues. To this rare species belongs without question Reiner Stemme. The aircraft manufacturer graduated from the Berlin evening grammar school in 1963 and studied physics at the Technische Universität Berlin until 1969. He then set up a laser company in Switzerland and completed his doctorate at the University of Bern. Until 1985 he was Managing Director of the VDI Technology Center, founded Stemme AG in 1984 and Reiner Stemme Utility Air-Systems GmbH in 2013. He was involved in the development and construction of work, research and observation aircraft. The alumni program of the TU Berlin quotes him with his entrepreneurial motto: „Take the heart in your hands and jump.“