London – Michael Thomale worked for many years in the classical finance and insurance industry before he started to deal with questions of digital money creation based on block chain technology. Today he advises companies on unconventional project financing and investors on transactions with crypto currencies. He is best known as the creator of ideas for the London-based crypto service provider Nexus Global, where he works alongside CEO Christian Michel Scheibener as CMO. About Nexus Global, the marketing professional says: „Our offering includes complete solutions for blockchain, from business strategy to process integration and technology implementation.“

Dubai – Many innovative but financially weak start-ups in Europe are desperately seeking alternative sources of financing. In Germany in particular, company founders have great difficulty in obtaining conventional bank loans. The financial shortage makes many start-ups think about moving abroad. According to various studies, such as a Bitkom study, this now applies to every fourth start-up. The capital provided in Germany is simply too scarce to run a successful business. In 2019, German founders needed an average of around 3.2 million euros to secure their existence over the next two years. This is 100,000 euros more than in 2018 and even 700,000 euros more than in 2017.