Dubai – The global real estate industry is also feeling the effects of the Corona crisis. In Dubai, however, the market situation was exceptionally stable in the first half of last year, despite Covid-19. Real estate transactions worth €16.3 billion were made there in the first six months of 2020. In the same period, Dubai Marina recorded a sales peak worth €770 million. The average purchase price for a flat was 253,000 euros and 550,000 euros for a villa. According to „“, women made investments worth 1.51 billion euros. The news portal quoted Dr Michael Waters in October 2020 with a brief analysis of the return potential of such investments. The associate professor of real estate at Heriot-Watt University in Dubai said: „From 2012 to date, anyone who has invested in Dubai has seen an annual return of about eight and a half per cent. Dubai has improved its ranking in the ‚Global Competitiveness Index‘, a kind of worldwide ranking of the attractiveness of cities within the past few years, from 29th to sixth.“

Munich – In July 2013, the capital investment law came into force in Germany, which replaced the old investment law with numerous new product rules and regulations. Since then, 360 paragraphs have turned everything upside down, which dominated the private capital investment market for decades. Not only investors and financial advisors, but even many lawyers have difficulties with the interpretation of the new law book. In order to give private investors more security in dealing with the provisions of the Capital Investment Code, investment expert Thomas Oliver Müller has come up with something special.

Hamburg – Crowdinvesting is becoming increasingly popular as a financing method for various projects. A representative survey of the information portal has shown that 67.4 percent of Germans surveyed have heard the term crowdfunding before and 36.7 percent know what it is all about. 17.7 percent said that they had already used themselves in this way for a project. In crowdfunding, a large number of private investors are working together with smaller sums of money to achieve a common social, cultural or entrepreneurial goal. Crowdfunding is playing an increasingly important role in real estate financing. Real estate accounts for more than 80 percent of the crowd investing market and is thus clearly ahead of the start-ups, which often also finance themselves through a crowd. Crowd real estate is so attractive because it promises investors a high return on investment and makes it easy to spread risk. In general, those who invest in real estate, ensure a regular income through rental income and a long-term increase in value of the objects. He is also protected from the effects of inflation.

Dubai – Dubai is not only the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, but also a magnet for investors from all over the world. The metropolis rightly counts as a vibrant trading and financial center between Asia, Africa and Europe. One of the major economic players in the desert state has been the Aras Group DWC LLC for many years. It promises its customers tailor-made services in the fields of merchandise trade, shareholdings, management consultancy, logistics, investments and real estate. The project financiers and investment providers say about themselves: „A high degree of flexibility, intercultural communication and networking enables simple solutions, even in complex cases.“ In order to meet this intercultural aspiration, the company has employees from many nations in its ranks.

Dubai – For tourists, Dubai is known for its state-of-the-art architecture, luxury shops and vibrant nightlife. For investors, the metropolis of the United Arab Emirates is popular because of its excellent investment conditions and inspires the imagination of project finance and real estate developers ahead of Expo 2020. With Dubai the world exhibition takes place for the first time in the Arab world. In the six months from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021, the hospitable country is expecting more than 25 million visitors.

München - Die Spezialität der DF Deutschen Finance Group sind geschlossene Private-Equity-Fonds für Immobilien- und Infrastruktur-Investitionen, die sich an größeren Zielfonds beteiligen. Wesentliche Aufgabe der Gesellschaft ist die Bündelung von Privatanlegern als Einzelinvestoren, denen Kapitalanlagen in einem robusten Marktumfeld geboten werden, das sonst institutionellen Anlegern vorbehalten bleibt.